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Camila’s New Family

Camila is a beautiful reborn baby girl. She has big, brown eyes, a button nose, and the sweetest little smile. She’s the perfect weight and size, and her skin is so soft and cuddly.

Camila was created by a talented artist who specializes in reborn dolls. The artist took great care to create Camila’s every detail, from her tiny fingernails to her delicate eyelashes. Camila is a true work of art, and she’s sure to bring joy to any family who adopts her.

Camila’s current family loves her very much, but they know that she needs a family who can give her the attention and care that she deserves. Camila’s family has been searching for the perfect new family for her, and they’re confident that they’ll find the right home for her soon.

In the meantime, Camila’s family is enjoying every moment with her. They take her for walks in the stroller, dress her up in cute outfits, and read her stories. Camila is a very happy baby, and she loves spending time with her family.

Camila’s family knows that she’s going to make a wonderful addition to any family. She’s a sweet, loving, and playful baby who will bring joy to everyone who meets her.


Camila is waiting for her forever family to come and take her home.


Name: Camila

Date of Rebirth: May 13 2024

Weight at Rebirth: 5 lbs

Length at Rebirth: 24 inches


Gender: Girl

Arms: Full Length 

Legs: Full Length 

Full silicone body

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